A brief history of C.U.B.

In 1992, a Christian couple from Waco and a Baylor student spent some time getting to know several of the homeless men sleeping under the Interstate 35 bridge. Over the next few months, the men accepted the invitation to meet fort Bible study on Sunday mornings at the bridge. Over the weeks and months, the small group grew to include more homeless folks, other lower income people, and local community persons who either had no church experience or felt like they did not fit in other local churches. Many of the basic needs of the lower income and homeless were met through the shared resources available. Within a couple of years, the Bible study group realized God was doing something more than just a Bible study. Thus, Church Under the Bridge acknowledged its existence and began taking on more responsibilities as the Body of Christ.

In 1998, the Church realized it's need to establish its vision statement, core values, and basic leadership structure. The Covenant Community was created for those who sensed God's leadership and call to this particular church. Those interested in being a part of the decision making and servant leadership were asked to complete six weeks of foundational class and become active in a small group of the church. In 1999, the Covenant Community selected three among themselves to shape the vision and direction of the church, deal with difficult issues, and oversee basic principles. The Covenant Community generally met monthly for discussion, prayer, affirming others, and fellowship. The decision was made in 2006 to end Covenant Community and Covenant Council and continue as a pastor-led church, and efforts are being made to develop a pastoral team and mobilize leadership from a diverse representation of the church.

Church Under the Bridge attempts to avoid denomination, cultural, economic, or racial distinctions. We are a multi-cultural church committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the unity of His Spirit. We welcome folks from wide and diverse backgrounds to love God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit with all their heart, soul, and mind, and to love their neighbors as themselves.